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Somatic Movement Coaching

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What exactly is the definition of "Somatics"? If we look at the Webster definition, it is "of, relating to, or affecting the body". Generally it is known as practices that use the mind-body connection to help you survey your internal self and listen to signals from your body. 

Through coaching you will develop your inner sense or what Peter Levine calls the "felt sense" which describes the changes our internal landscape experiences when it comes to senses, emotions and energy. Somatic coaching will also aid in developing a stronger understanding and awareness of neuroception: the subconscious neutral way our nervous system scans for safety and threat. In coaching, you will work with Jacquie on enhancing your awareness and understanding of these concepts, as well as how this translates into moving towards your goals.

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Movement is an incredible tool for change. When working with Jacquie for Somatic Movement coaching, you will begin understanding & disrupting movement patterns which may be holding you in those "stuck" places. Utilizing movement can help unlock the understanding you need to begin taking steps forward towards your goals. 

Jacquie utilizes her training in non-dualistic Tantra Yoga, dance background and Somatic Experiencing (not fully certified) to engage with coaching clients. Most coaching work embraces more solution-focused approach with a heightened awareness of how the body and movement can play a role.

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Movement Modalities

There are several movement options you can explore during your coaching sessions. For those with an established movement practice either in pole/floor dance or yoga, Jacquie brings a background as a mover in these disciplines and can incorporate these in coaching sessions. Coaching sessions within these scopes can help you to explore the role of your nervous system, body positioning, movement patterns and habits and how these all contribute off the pole/floor to your everyday life. 

For those who are new to exploring movement, you will find an easy transition into practices to help you with self-exploration, regulation and understanding more about your body. You can expect gentle guidance, moving slowly and at your pace in coaching sessions. 

Black & white yogi in Downward facing dog

Coaching may be a right fit for you if you are looking for understanding the connection between your mind and body, working with your nervous system and specific, goal oriented support. It differs from therapy in that coaching does not provide you with any diagnosis, nor can it be reimbursed by your insurance. It may also not be a good fit if you are looking to resolve past stressors or trauma. In those cases, Jacquie will recommend therapy services or refer you to a therapist if you are located in a state other than Virginia. 

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