Passionate about providing an open & accepting space

Jacquie is a licensed clinical social worker living and practicing in Northern Virginia. 

Jacquie received her Bachelors of Social Work from the University of Maryland-Baltimore County and her Masters of Social Work from the University of Maryland-Baltimore. She began her therapist career as a clinician for adolescent girls at a residential treatment facility which cared for a spectrum of individuals facing difficult and challenging life circumstances. From there, she transitioned into working with children, adolescents and families who were connected in Baltimore's treatment foster care system. Jacquie continued from that point on in community mental health with Family Service Foundation where she was first introduced to working in the Deaf and Hard of hearing community. From that point on, Jacquie fell in love with the Deaf community and returned to school in order to work on her Associates of American Sign Language Interpreting. 

Since that time, Jacquie worked in a variety of outpatient behavioral health programs through both INOVA hospital and Dominion hospital in Northern Virginia providing emergency services, assessments, supervision and individual/group therapy. She has been mentoring and providing supervision for new social workers since 2013.