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Jacquie started her therapy journey after graduating from University of Maryland-Baltimore School of Social Work in 2008. Since then she worked as a therapist in a myriad of clinical settings including residential treatment for adolescents, treatment foster care in Baltimore City, community outpatient mental health, and hospital based clinical services at both INOVA and Dominion Hospital. Hospital settings included working across the board in substance-use services, Emergency Intervention, Partial-hospitalization program and crisis services. All of these work places have helped Jacquie to hone her clinical therapy skills, ability to work across a variety of settings and how collaborative care is crucial in community mental health. 

Cloudy sky sunset over the Outer Banks beach

The Journey to Somatics 

Jacquie's journey to somatic therapy and a body-based approach started around 6-7 years ago. With training initially in Cognitive Behavior Therapy and Dialectical Behavioral therapy, she always felt there was something missing as it related to how the body responded. This started her own exploration beginning with yoga teacher training and leading to beginning the Somatic Experiencing Professional Program. As she continues to study and explore both through the lens of Somatic Experiencing and self-study/continuing education, the world of Somatics and body lead healing is proving to be her choice approach. 

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