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"The body always leads us home" - Pat Ogden



Jacqueline Lubovich offers individual therapy services that focus on a variety of concerns. Incorporating a blend of "bottom up" and "top down", Jacquie's approach emphasizes the mind-body connection while building a client's ability to listen to their own innate wisdom. Therapy services are only provided to individuals located in the state of Virginia. 

Somatic Movement Coaching

Somatic movement coaching incorporates the use of the body in understanding how to move forward with achieving your goals. We all find ourselves stuck at times. Jacquie approaches this feeling of "stuck" through not only talking but in breath, postures, movement and ways we find our physical space in life. Coaching is different than psychotherapy and is available regardless of where an individual lives. 

Clinical Supervision

Jacquie has provided supervision for several developing Social Workers throughout her career. She enjoys working with clinicians seeking licensure through either individual, or when able, through group supervision. 


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