Who looks outside,



who looks inside,



Carl Jung

Therapy with Jacquie...

The goal of Jacquie's practice is to help you reach your goals, feel more empowered, connected and aligned with your authentic self. This occurs not only by addressing anxiety, depression or other symptoms but by feeling accepted and safe. Therapy at this practice encourages an active involvement in those relationships, activities and creative outlets that give you joy. This is what you will find when beginning your therapy journey with Jacquie. 

Jacquie specializes in services for those experiencing anxiety, depression, bipolar, life transitions, relationship difficulties and trauma. She is a kink & ethical non-monogamy friendly therapist and her practice focuses on providing support for individuals in the Trans and LGBTQIA+ community. Her approach primarily incorporates somatic based methods that focus on increasing awareness of body-mind connection. She believes in nervous system education and providing clients with tools for body-based regulation, capacity building and understanding of self.

Jacquie is committed to providing a non-judgmental and welcoming space for any individual seeking help. Her approach to therapy is to invite you to connect and build the relationship with your authentic self by providing an accepting, open space. 

Jacqueline Lubovich LCSW offers virtual therapy sessions only for clients in Virginia.