Jacquie's primary goal for therapy is providing an open, supportive setting to promote healing and growth. For all of Jacquie's professional life, she has provided therapy services in a variety of settings and addressing numerous types of concerns. She is comfortable using a variety of approaches such as Cognitive-Behavioral therapy (CBT), Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) and mindfulness (including meditation, visualization, somatic awareness).  Jacquie approaches all individuals she meets within a holistic framework, based upon individuals expressed needs, strengths and recognizes the strong connection between mind and body. 

Setting up your individual therapy begins with a free, consultative phone call or video call/skype/facetime. During this initial contact, Jacquie will ask different questions about why you are seeking therapy, what you hope to achieve or what kind of support you are seeking at the time of call. If she feels her skills align with your needs, an intake evaluation will be scheduled. If not, Jacquie will provide you with referrals to other clinicians who might be better able to meet your needs. 

Finding a supervisor for your clinical hours can be a difficult one; it is quite important  to feel comfortable, engaged and have opportunities to learn and improve your skills. Beginning supervision with Jacquie starts with a free phone call to discuss where you're currently working, future career goals, and what you hope to learn in the supervision setting. Following this initial phone call, if both parties agree to continue then the remaining parts of the process will begin. 

Jacquie is available to provide supervision for those Deaf or Hard of Hearing social workers requiring supervision in American Sign Language. 

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More to come for future clinical consultation groups with other licensed social workers or licensed counselors. These consultation groups will be focused for bilingual clinicians.