• Jacquie Lubovich LCSW

The Importance of Play

A colleague of mine in the community shared a wonderful post about the importance of finding playfulness in the seriousness of everything around us. And it's true; we forget this as adults that one of the most important and valuable things we can do for ourselves is to take a break from the auto-pilot, never-ending work cycle.

My colleague Rachel Altvater, PsyD writes about the way her work as a play therapist influences her own life, therapy practice and ways she interprets the world. She continues to write how these moments of playfulness can bring even more joy, love or lightness into everyday life. She writes, "Foster more moments of joy, laughter, happiness and the liberation play can bring in your lives. The next time we contemplate if we have time in our day to playfully tend to our minds and bodies because we are too jam-packed, we must remind ourselves that these are the moments that we need these experiences the most."

She is not alone in this train of thought; Brene Brown explains this further in her own article you can find here:

"Researcher Stuart Brown, MD, describes play as time spent without purpose. To me this sounds like the definition of an anxiety attack. I feel behind if I’m not using every last moment to be productive, whether that means working, cleaning the house or taking my son to baseball practice. But I can’t ignore what the research (mine and others’) tells us: Play — doing things just because they’re fun and not because they’ll help achieve a goal — is vital to human development. Brown believes that play is at the core of creativity and innovation. Play can mean snorkeling, scrapbooking or solving crossword puzzles; it’s anything that makes us lose track of time and self-consciousness, creating the clearing where ideas are born."

There is a dire need for more of us to stop, even if it is just for a minute, and steal ourselves away from the constant need to work, stay "busy", or "adulting". And not just for a happy hour or a dinner but for something that engages the feeling of play, creativity and expression. As Dr. Brown says, play is vital to human development. At all stages.

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