• Jacquie Lubovich LCSW

Taking a moment to Pause

There is a power in the pause. Taking a moment to stop, close your eyes, feel your breath and your body-to just be.

This time of the year can feel chaotic with a collective energy present that tells us to shop, spend, buy all the while also saying "be grateful!". These messages seems contradictory to me sometimes: "here are all these deals! Buy now before you miss out!" while also "Be thankful in this season for what you have!". That doesn't make much sense now does it?

Now I am not negating the ability of someone to hold multiple emotions; however, I do find it a very difficult message to try and be in gratitude whilst also feeling as though you need/want more.

This time of the year also lends itself to reflection. Thinking about the past year, what may or may not have unfolded for you while also planning for the next year. Setting goals or "resolutions" for what you want to happen, accomplish or manifest in the upcoming new year. This can also introduce a level of stress within that reflection as well as within that goal setting planning. Don't get me wrong; I am an advocate for a healthy level of reflection and intention setting (blog post on intention vs. goals to come later), but I am an even stronger believer in balance.

This is where the power of the pause can come to your aid. All of these emotions can sweep us up into focusing our attention and our emotions into something/place/one that might not be aligned with who we are, where we want to be, or the message we want to send to ourselves. Taking a moment to stop, align with breath and tune into how the body is responding can go a long way to helping manage and understand all that is happening during this time of the year. It can also be helpful as a reset if you are working on setting intentions, goals or plans for the new year. It can be helpful as you review this past year.

Need some help in finding the pause? There are many good resources out there! Here is one to try:

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